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Larry W. Jones Memorial Award

The Larry W. Jones Memorial Award is presented annually to a non-athlete (student, faculty/staff member or citizen) "in recognition of interest, support and significant contributions to Bluffton University Athletics."

The award is named after Larry Jones, who graduated from Bluffton University in 1970. He participated in varsity basketball while at Bluffton and later served as an athletic official before being killed in an automobile accident in 1978.

2011 Del Gratz 1994 Carl Treen
2010 Keith Buckingham 1993 Elmer Neufeld
2009 Lou Stokes 1992 Paul Jackson
2008 Christine Purves  1991 Jerry Lewis
2007 Darrell Huber 1990 Sharon Carpenter
2006 Del Snyder 1989 Ward Mowery
2005 Tami Forbes 1988 Betty McDowell
2004 Willis Sommer 1987 Jesse Montgomery
2003 Peggy Ruggley 1986 Morris and Jean Triplett
2002 Bluffton Food Service, Buildings & Grounds staff 1985 D.J. Englehardt
2001 Don Schweingruber 1984 Luther Shelter
2000 Steve Steiner 1983 Ted Bauman
1999 Ruth Burcky 1982 Jim Ehrman
1998 Lawrence Matthews 1981 Becky Caton
1997 Darryl Nester 1980 George Hostetler
1996 Marcia Gallant 1979 Tracy Tryon
1995 J. Denny Weaver 1978 Ron Geiser